Card Condition Guide

EudoGames grades cards on a 5-step scale. Please review our condition guidelines before buying or selling Magic: The Gathering singles.

Near Mint

Cards in Near Mint condition show little to no wear from shuffling or play. They may have one or two very minor scratches or nicks, but should be indistinguishable in an unsleeved deck from other Near Mint cards of similar age.

Lightly Played

Cards in Lightly Played condition may have minor nicks and whitening around the edges, or slight scratching or scuffing on the front and back surfaces. Cards with an artist signature or Pro Tour stamp are considered Lightly Played if they would otherwise be graded as Near Mint. Cards in this condition may or may not need to be sleeved for tournament play.

Moderately Played

Cards in Moderately Played condition may have obvious nicks and whitening around the edges, or obvious scuffing and other surface wear, but should still be legal for tournament play in a sleeved deck.

Heavily Played

Cards in Heavily Played conditon may have extensive whitening around the edges, heavy scuffing or other wear on the faces, some bending from shuffling, minor water damage, or very slight inking on the back border. They may or may not be legal for tournament play, even in a sleeved deck.


Cards in Damaged condition may be creased, punctured, torn, water damaged, written on, have inking around the edges, or other signs of major wear. They are generally not legal for tournament play.